In a former life I had a blog. It, too, was a software developer’s blog, but it didn’t receive much effort from me; I blogged the odd gotcha I came across when coding, or maybe some wine-induced rant about something trivial. It was an irrelevant blog.

But this blog? Oh this blog is shiny and new and full of promise!

Why I’m blogging

Well, first and foremost I feel it’s a moral obligation; I benefit from lots of other people sharing their experiences, so it’s only fair that I give back what I can.

My other motivation is more selfish; my memory isn’t as good as it once was, so I would love to have a record to go back to.

What I hope to blog about

My intention is to share the experiences I have when I’m making software. In particular I want to write about:

  1. my experiments or investigations into new techniques or technologies (libraries, languages, etc), and
  2. any interesting thoughts or insights I have about making software (unfortunately these are quite rare)

I’d like to avoid ranting, but as long as I drink wine I can’t guarantee it.


My second attempt at blogging about stuff I do as a software developer. Hopefully I’ll actually say something worthwhile this time.


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